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       St.John's Health Clinic is known as the first 5-star executive health center in Shanghai with 4,500 square meters elegant-designed environment. St. John's has a full set of pioneered medical equipments and provides state-of-the-art services with unique features including Analgesic Gastroenteroscopy, m-RNA Gene Analysis, MRI Systemic Imaging Cancer Screen, Medical Test of Anti-aging Function, Medical Cosmetology, Dentistry, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine, which will help you to comprehensively manage your health and promote wellness.
Our clinic is closed on Thursday & Sunday. If you choose set A or set B, please make an appointment in 7 days. Other sets you can make an appointment in 3 days. Thank you for you cooperation!
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Address: No. 4, Lane 398, Dapu Road, Luwan District, Shanghai(Near Quxi Road)--- Postal Code:200023 --- TEL: 021-5302-9922 Fax: 021-6304-6710
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