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World-class scientific detection instruments, The Center’s instruments are selected from the most famous brands of professional manufacturers in Europe, America and Japan, are harmless to your body and are highly efficient and effective for detailed examinations. St. John’s equipment can detect even deeply hidden problems providing clear and accurate determinations which enable our early prevention and management and guidance for any diseases found.

Radiation-Free MRI

MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging)was awarded the 2003 Nobel Prize for Medicine and is called “the Medical examination that surpasses all other medical imaging examinations”. MRI examination provides excellent screening of vein, bone or cranial nerve changes and of solid organs such as the brain, hypothyroid, liver, gall, spleen, kidney, pancreas, adrenal gland, generative organs and so on, and can even detect ultra-slim tumors smaller than 0.5 centimeters. Many pathological changes that could not be detected by traditional inspection can now be identified by MRI. MRI is the most sophisticated medical instrument of health examination at present. MRI examinations have the dual advantages of high safety (no radiation or invasive procedures) and short duration; moreover, during the exam process you experience no discomfort since the instrument makes no direct contact with the body.

Olympus Endoscope for Analgesic Gastrocolonoscopy

Advanced analgesic endoscopy is an important and indispensable means for discovering pathological changes in the alimentary tract system and for detecting tumors in the alimentary tract. Our 250,000 RMB Olympus endoscope is an ultra-thin optical fiber endoscope to conform to bends in the intestinal tract and its length can reach 120 centimeters so as to ensure that there are no blind spots in the detection process and the strictest sterilizing protocols are adopted.
     St John’s Health Clinic adopts OLYMPUS Gastroenteroscopy and uses the best progressional anaesthesiat to make physical check-up in light sleeping. The material of conduit is the optic fiber and the diameter is only 0.92cm. Those worth RMB250 thousands per one the cleaning and antisepsis circle is import. For now it’s not too more that can do Gastroenteroscopy’s clinic. Someone even just reach sigmoid colon, but St John’s Health Clinic can reach whole large intestine.

Philips IU22 Color Ultrasonic

The latest color ultrasonic instrument used in the inspection of patients’ many internal organs offers high resolution, commissioning free, strong penetration and clear images, and produces visible pancreatic images even where covered by the liver, providing clinical diagnosis with a very reliable basis.
     PHILIPS IU22 Ultrasound machine (Priced at 3,000,000 RMB, with only two machines in all of Shanghai), can examine multiple organs at the same time without adjusting the machine. Because of its strong penetration, this machine can clearly visualize the image of pancreas, even though it is covered by the liver. It can zoom in on a specific part of an organ, and therefore can picture the capillaries clearly. Doctors perform very detailed examinations. it takes them at least three to five minutes to check each organ. For the breast ultrasound, the image is taken from the armpit down to prevent the ignorance of the lymph nodes, which are located farther away, during the check-up.

PWV Arteriosclerosis examination system

The arteriosclerosis early time examination system for aims at the blood vessel the early functionality examination, namely once when the trunk has, the elasticity, the elasticity change, the PP-1000 data then appears the change. But the traditional phantom system only can appear the change side in the blood vessel morphology to be able to examine the arteriosclerosis situation. The new generation of non-intrusional examination method, compared with the traditional inspection like phantom, supersonic, systems and so on involvement shifts to an earlier time five to ten year understanding blood vessel change situation. The European and American countries take it as hypertension sickness prevention guide, Chinese Medical department include it ten years hundred plans, to national promotion application.

  • Only may in an examination complete determines the aorta, the upper limb artery, the lower limb artery, the carotid artery, the radial artery, the femoral artery and the dorsum pedis artery hardenability and the lower limb artery blocking index uses the pathology classification the database to carry on the data analysis comprehensively: Blood vessel overall situation (blood vessel age) overall assessment
  • The entire automated and the intelligent inspection, an inspection just needs five minutes.
  • Simultaneously the electricity, the sound of the heart examination, guarantees the data is highly reliability.
  • ? As sub healthy crowd general survey and assistance diagnosis basis, to course of treatment in curative effect quantitative assessment.
Only needs examine 1-2 time every year, you will be able effectively to prevent and the monitoring heart cerebrovascular disease occurrence.
It’s suitable in the clinical administrative offices and the physical examination routine inspection project:
Heart blood vessel of brain disease blood vessel pathological change guardianship;
Heart blood vessel of brain disease prognosis forecast;
Three high patients treat the dynamic monitoring
The heart blood vessel of brain patient applies drugs the curative effect instruction;
Heart cerebrovascular disease high-risk factor screening;
Heart cerebrovascular disease preventive measure screening
Adult Asia healthy crowd healthy physical examination general survey;
Other diseases to heart blood vessel of brain function influence;
Heart cerebrovascular disease sequela recovery and recrudescence control

Standing orders suspended Shimadzu inspection camera system

Adopted by the Japanese manufacturer of medical equipment, Shimadzu Corporation suspended production of its X-ray machine is simple, design novel, functional, powerful features. Can do the body parts of the structure of X-ray examination, because of its function, and capacity to produce X-ray intensity of the high penetrating power, and not only reduced the subjects of the radiation dose, but also further enhances the image quality, further improved the diagnostic requirements and diagnostic quality, is a suitable environment for the diverse needs of a variety of multi-functional X-ray machine.
     Subsidized the use of lead X-ray machines, most hospitals only in order to reduce the price perspective, perspective of the radiation received is 5-10 times the film; even if the film is likely to make sense of the blue-chip, King Kang is making sense of the use of the Green piece , but the film is its sense of resolution than the conventional blue-chip higher

Siemens MAMMOMAT1000 Molybdenum target X-ray machine

St. John`s uses the well-known German company Siemens Molybdenum production target, it is an advanced breast screening devices that can convert a variety of inspection angles effectively and more women breast examination, Because of its use of automatic exposure program so the image quality is further improved, the structure of breast tissue can show more clearly, and able to detect small calcifications, can be beneficial to women of the early screening of breast disease for the general good health of a female friend provide a life of security.

France MEDILINK whole body bone mineral density in dual-energy detector

Bone mineral density detector is recognized as the medical profession on human skeletal system bone analysis in the most scientific, most accurate medical equipment, has now become the major medical institutions to install one of the main equipment. st.john`s have the well-established quality of care, from the rationalization, optimization, the most user-friendly point of view, from the French company purchased MEDILINK of the most advanced full-body bone mineral density OSTEOCORE dual-energy detector, it is by the French National Academy of Sciences and MEDILINK Company common design. It has high accuracy to detect high-quality, energy consumption of small, small ionizing radiation, It has high accuracy to detect high-quality, energy consumption of small, small ionizing radiation can be used to detect whole body bone mineral density in healthy King seized from a medical point of view and the normal human anatomy, the selection of lumbar section 2-3-4 as the main site inspection, This is mainly the physical structure of the human lumbar Home Department of the Central and is the most prone to the site of bone degradation, so the high accuracy of detection and diagnosis rates. Therefore, bone density detector is to check the situation the best option for osteoporosis.


The nasopharyngeal mucosa for the detection of any bleeding and inflammation, exclusion of the nasal cavity, nasopharynx of benign and malignant and so on, to detect disease within the nasal cavity. Olympus hose latest design, to ensure that the inspection of comfort and accuracy.

Pano / Ceph X-ray

Digital panoramic X-ray machine is a real-time computer access to X-ray image of the system, it can achieve all of the X-ray projection, can be taken to the dental pulp, periodontal membrane and bone. Teeth may be shooting films, surface flat face, lateral skull film is, upper and lower jaw and temporomandibular joint films, such as vertical fault.

Roche Elecsys 2010 instrument immune LED

Roche to develop and HITACHI company manufacturing, able to carry out dozens of quantitative analysis of tumor markers, dozens of hormones on the quantitative analysis of various hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV quantitative analysis. St John’s using Roche automatic biochemistry analyzer, reagents as well as imports of original reagents (Roche, Bayer), a very high accuracy for the international gold standard. The majority of hospitals, medical centers generally made reagents, their stability and data standards are not international certification, resulting in a miscarriage of justice is very much, and therefore can not just order a medical examination regardless of the accuracy of the data.

Konelab Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Manufactured by the world largest laboratory inspection instrument manufacturer Thermo, the analyzer used at the Center is in wide use across Europe and has the most advanced semiconductor temperature control and thermo system; ultra-long optical path, highly sensitive colorimetric system; selective ion system with all-in-one characteristic of direct examination for the most accurate result; smart reagent system; and adopts the most stable and widely accepted design for the most advanced laser traveling optical system.

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