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Dental Medicine Center

At present, St. John’s dental center is one of the most advanced odontology clinics in Shanghai, composed of senior dentists from Taipei and an excellent dental group from the Mainland. In addition to providing a relaxing diagnosis and treatment environment, we have also introduced world-leading equipment and instruments, treatment techniques and high-quality administrative systems to provide the most comfortable dental service for you.

Of great concern in dental treatment is blood transfer infections; Our Center promises all customers high temperature sterilization, ultraviolet radiation and advanced infection control; painless clinic is the latest concept introduced by the center; and the painless tooth cleaning, inductionless anesthesia, laser periodontal treatment, and even the latest minimally invasive dental implantology are all aimed at releasing patients from the horror and fears of dental treatment.

Special Dental Clinic Items

■ Dental Implantology

Implanting sterile artificial teeth at partial anodontia (toothless) places is regarded as a great leap of the modern dental world; besides traditional dental implantation with periodontal flap surgery, this center has also introduced minimally invasive dental implantations, and this only requires a tiny wound in order to implant the artificial tooth. Since the wound is very tiny, the operation time is also short; and the incision hardly needs to be sewn up and tumid (swelling) pain is reduced to a large extent.

■ LOKKI Laser Periodontal Treatment

Traditional periodontal (gum) disease treatment requires periodontal flap surgery, and it is likely to feel pain and become swollen after surgery; while laser periodontal treatment is the latest technology accepted by various European and American countries. This technology processes the parenchyma incision, stanches blood flow and hardly causes any pain; most cases requires no surgery, thus improving patients’ quality of life during the treatment.

■ Orthodontics for Adults and Teenagers

Besides good cosmetic appearances, what orthodontics also delivers is adjustment of misaligned occlusion, and such is a more important factor. Chewing difficulty, unclear speech, tooth decay and parodontopathy are likely to arise due to occlusion problems; Bad teeth arrangement may also influence psychological development or cause social interaction obstacles. Dental specialists of the Center are of rich experiences in orthodontics, and can certainly offer you beautiful and healthy teeth.

■ 3D Tooth Sculpting

Traditional material for filling cavities is nothing but argental and resin, which not only is ugly in appearance, but the argental could release traces of mercury. The 3D tooth sculpting adopted by our Center takes photos of the tooth contour & the cavity by optical lenses of high accuracy, and then grinds porcelain pieces that match the broken tooth parts automatically; then tooth filling is finished quickly after agglutination & trimming; Simultaneously, these materials can be used as porcelain patches to recover and restore the natural and beautiful state of damaged teeth in a one-off procedure.

■ Luminescence Whitening

The advanced luminescence whitening instruments and bio-white materials harmless to gums used by our Center enable you to rebuild self-confidence and a dazzling smile within one day. Together with home whitening maintenance, teeth can retain their white brilliance for a long time.

Telephone : 021-63040132 、 53029922-304
Patients’ Clinic Time: 9:00 a.m. to 17:30 p.m.
Evening Clinic can be coordinated with customers’ available treatment times

Doctors of Dental Medicine Center

Department of Dentristry, presided over by President Ge Jianpu
Graduated from Department of Dentistry in Taipei Medical University
Master and Ph.D. of West China College of Stomatology
Diplomate of International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI Dilomate)
Responsible Officer of International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Taipei Branch

Chairman of USA AOC, Taiwan branch
General Planner of Dental implant seminar in New York University
Vice president of World Laser Clinical Association, Tan Wan branch
Former Chairman of Taipei dental association
Physician Liao Dagang
Graduated from Department of Dentistry in Taipei Medical University
Dental Bachelor of American California Loma Linda University
Master of Public Health in University of Michigan, America

Medical Doctor of Loma Linda University, America
Medical practitioner in American California Dental Clinic
Tooth implant researcher of International Diplomate Congress of Oral Implantology (Fellow)
Physician Yang Jiahua
Graduate from Department of Dentistry in Chung Shan Medical University
Master and Ph.D. of West China College of Stomatology
Complete the study in Clinical Implant of Harvard University USA.

Certified doctor of The Academy of Gnathology and Occlusion, diplomate of International Academy of Implant Dentistry
Diplomate of International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI Diplomate)
Physician Xu Hongteng
Graduated from Department of Dentistry in National Yang-Ming University
Graduated from Dental Implant Class in Harvard University USA
Graduated from Dental Implant Institute of California
Master of West China College of Stomatology

Diplomate of International Academy of Implant Dentistry
Diplomate of Taiwan Orthodontic Society
Diplomate of International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI Diplomate)
Physician Liu Kai
Graduated from the Department of Oral Health in Jiangxi Medical College;
Attending doctor of Long Hua hospital, Pudong branch;
Attending doctor of Xuhui district dental care clinic
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